From my yard 007

My brother, Harry, is quite a bit older than I am. He came to Alaska in the early 50’s, then got drafted. He’s built homes all over, and many in Alaska. His “love” is/was farming. Because of his, and our father’s, lifestyle I came to love tractors. My father was looking for a spring tooth harrow; while he was talking about the tractor part, I spotted THE tractor. It took several days, but I got the tractor. It is a 1944 Ford 2N. I was busy, and ten years it sat. Then we moved it, and it sat.

Dean the Rancher 9-21-03 (1)


My brother came to Alaska, as he always does, yearly, and decided to stay the winter. Well, Harry is going to use the fireplace our father built. That meant wood, lots of it. Well, Harry is in 80’s, I’m in my 60’s and Dean, Harry’s son, it right behind me, in age. Chopping and hauling wood was like trying to drag a dinosaur that still had fight in it. Harry “saw” the tractor and decided they would jerry-rig it to hold the buzz saw so the fire wood “beast” would shrink to the size of my wife’s fluffy little dog.

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Well, one thing led to another, if this got fixed, then this should be fixed, then it needed sand blasted, which meant it needed painting, and, of course, new tires to drag the buzz saw…. and it kept going.

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NO! My wife did not get upset, she was always asking questions and wanting pictures. She saw my 1947 Ford 2N and she just HAD to drive it with her fluffy little dog in her lap. Well, he rode like he was driving it. She said it was like a work of art. The tractor was “born” before she was and it reminded her that love knows no “age” and caring makes all things “new.”



The video will show much of what I tried to convey. I hope you enjoy watching/looking at the endeavor.