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The Mountain Man and the Floozy were united in the winter of 2005. This space, in their lives, is the long and the short of “it.” Unlike the commercial, “IT” is a culmination of the many lifetimes they scrunched into the 50 plus years they’ve walked the Earth.

The Mountain Man, hereafter referred to as Larry, and the Floozy, hereafter referred to as Joy, are Alaskans. Larry and his family have built homes in the Anchorage Bowl for over 50 years. Joy raised six boys in the Anchorage area, as a single working mom, since 1974. The eyes of Joy fell for the beauty of the Chugach Range in 1959, when this great land was a territory. Both Larry and Joy were at the “bon fire party” when Alaska became the 49th State.

Larry was born with a hammer in one hand and a saw in the other. Joy started art school at the age of four, sold her first painting, at the ripe ole age of 12, for $250.

Larry spent ten years working a farm, with his brother, in Texas. Joy had two sons in Texas. Both are canine lovers, and have rescued snakes, opossums, dogs, raccoons, giant lizards, more dogs, horny toads, cats, bunnies, and birds (did I mention dogs?).

Larry has driven bicycles, tractors, cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, snow machines, and four wheelers. Joy has driven bicycles, cars, and cars that race, motorcycles, dog sleds, snow machines, roller skates, ice skates, and rode the hinnies of six boys (talk about a rough ride on an even rougher road).

At present Larry and Joy are maid, butler and chauffer to five dogs. Neither Larry nor Joy intended to become enslaved to five fuzzy faces; it was probably a sneak attack from Universilius Canine. Joy made that up as she could never get the hang of Latin, and fully admits that is why terms have to be engineered.

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