Going to Build a Little CNC Router!

Yes i’m finally going to do it.

I’ve been wanting to do this for….. let’s see, over eight years now?  What’s kept me from doing it, you ask?  Well, space for one thing, money, of course, and maybe time…. a little. What’s changed? Nothing, really. I still have a big MESS in the garage. But I can’t, nor want to give up any of the tools I have…yet. I found this cute little (as my wife would say) CNC router at www.openbuilds.com called the OX CNC MACHINE and KNEW it was mine (and would fit in a small space).

Photo of OX CNC Machine from Openbuilds.

That excuse addresses most of the above “can’ts”. Cost for the build should be a little under $1,000. And I’m planning on building it with a 2’x3′ cutting area so I shouldn’t have to get rid of a dog bed or anything. I started ordering parts and the first showed up Monday Oct, 22, after ordering them Oct 16 from the  fine gentleman, Chris Laidlaw (Blur Ox Solutions). I ordered them off ebay but he is also on the OPENBULIDS forum. He machined them same day I ordered and sent them off. Hows that for service?

OX plates from Blue Ox Solutions
OX plates from Blue Ox Solutions


More parts on the way should be arriving soon!

That’s about it for now,