Kids Of The Heart!


was found by Larry in a newspaper ad. He knew, immediately, that adorable puppy was his. They drove, rode, plowed, harvested varied veggies and PWC’d together in Texas. They also snow machined and 4 wheeled the tundra of Alaska while building a cabin in Eureka. They were a team; well, until Larry and Joy married, then Buddy became a mama’s boy. Buddy was Oliver’s best friend, immediately, and they hunted together, carried “heavy” items together and shared swimming holes, food dishes and roasted hot dogs. Buddy was the heart of the team, Oliver was the soul.Buddy wp 002


was not a husky, well, maybe 10%, but…. She was found on the Seward Highway in Turnagain Pass, in the middle of night. She was frozen and wounded and only six weeks old. When I got her to Anchorage, six months later, it was then discovered, by x-ray, that she was mostly Canadian wolf. Sharing life with her was an incredible experience. When Oliver was introduced as “the baby,” Tempel quit trying to escape from the yard. She felt it was her responsibility to take care of “the baby.” On the other side, Tempel and Buddy were soul mates, when Tempel was in her yard. Because we could not trust her wild instincts, when at the cabin, Tempel was put on a lead and could not be “with the boys.” Christmas 2005 (6)


came to us when she was old. She was dumped because she was not the “cute” little girl anymore, and we got taken in by those eyes of hers. After a needed surgery, she came into her revived self. She was doting to Oliver, and ignored Squeek as if he were nothing but a puff of air… we’ve discussed Squeek, so I’m sure Missy agreed with the “personality disorders” discussed, earlier. Before Missy left us, she decided to “walk the terrain” in Eureka. She had been gone a long while and we were on snow machines trying to find her. The trails were extremely varied and we were afraid that finding her could fail. However, she was found on the “home” trail as if she knew exactly where she was and was startled to see her Daddy coming toward her. Well, seeing is not the right word, she had been blind for years, not that the lack of sight slowed her down any.

Missy wp 001

never met Larry or Oliver or Buddy, or Gord, or Choo-choo, or Dexter. Abbey was “my Buddy” before the new “family” was created. She was four pounds of self-assurance and prissy attitude. Make no mistake, she was tough… a wolf chewed her, and thought he had taken her out….. three months later she walked, talked and became even more self-assured. No one seemed to notice that she had a “side” gate and one hind leg was a little less flexible than the others…. It was her class that masked it, I suppose. Any and all that met her adored her, she was friendly, but not pushy. She grew up, basically, being a shop dog. She knew that if her bow was in, her jeweled collar was on, she was going to work. If her sweater went on, and a bells were tied to her sweater, she was going berry picking in the woods. She was within two feet of a black bear, nothing happened as I don’t think the bear could really “see” her as she was so tiny. When she shook, the bells went off and the bear hurriedly walked away.




Was my wonderful Eeyore in canine form. He is loving, gentle, and so forgiving of the little guys pulling on his hair. He talks, too, but usually it has to do with food or a treat. If you even think of the word, treat, he will open the pantry door and show you just where they are while he patiently waits for you to give him one.

Gordy 001

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