Our Kids!

All Five!

Oliver, Wendell Wilfong was named after a well-known orator/writer, Oliver Wendell Holmes. We feel lucky Ollie cannot write. Well, he probably wouldn’t have time as he talks ALL THE TIME. He is generous and soft and silky. His father was a National Field Trial Champion and his mother was just fabulous looking and had lots of trophies. He takes after his father as he loves to be in the woods, riding on anything that has an engine; he even checked out a lawn mower, once. He’s my “longest with mommy” guy.

Oliver 001


Squeek, I was told is a Pomeranian. I find this hard to believe. I know in my soul of souls that he is a troll. He lives under the bed, tricks his brothers ALL OF THE TIME, and can be so quiet and sneaky it’s unnerving. Also, he does not shed. Any/everyone I’ve talked to that knows anything about Poms will tell you they drop hair like tabloid writers drop secrets. See? AND, his doctor is under the impression that Poms are really cats in a parallel universe and there is some kind of leak.

Squeek 001

Chewbacca, is a (I’m still searching for the right word, species, horror movie, bad accident). He is NEVER happy, or generous, or trusting….. E V E R. He does love Oliver, and that is about it. He seems to fear every and all things. He will take your fingers when you offer some good food AND refuses to learn how to eat off a fork. HOWEVER, put a leash on him and suddenly he BECOMES a force to be reckoned with. His head goes up, tail goes up and he prances like some Clydesdale in a parade.

Chewy 001

Dexter, came to us as Patrik…… Patrik left sometime during the first night with us and has never shown his whiskered face again. Instead, Dexter sat on Lare’s chest waiting for breakfast. Larry could’ve sworn his name was Dexter. I told Larry…follow me here as we do live with two of “them.” Terrier… terrorist, terrible, trouble, twisted… I could keep going, but you get the picture. When I figure out who is responsible for this deed, I will get even!!!

Dexter 001



Jake, was a dumb luck find. We had discussed Labradoodles for a couple of years, but the price… well, we’re old and working overtime for extra cash is not really an option. But, as luck would have it, he came to us via the crossword puzzle of life… one turn after another, then back to change a letter (thought). Jake or JJ (as I refer to him) is the most “different” dog I’ve ever come in contact with. He is so smart (and devious) and gentle…. yet athletic as an Olympian Champion. He watches, then BOOM… can unlock fences, doors, cabinets and closets. If he feels we have been gone too long, he will take personal items and line them up down the hall way. He cannot refuse a gift of food, even if it’s not his cup of tea. Once he lined up stick pretzels, perfectly straight line, down the hallway. We thought he had eaten the little gifts… He talks, moans and is so very loving and gentle. His favorite activity to drive Dexter insane hiding his toys. HEY! There had to be something about him that was ornery, he’s a boy. Lare tried to get him to fetch…. Labrador? He looked at his “dad” as if to say, “You want me to what?” I figured out by the second toss that the Lab died and only the Poodle was left.


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