Hi folks! Sorry to take so long, but time flies when your having fun and building a 3D printer. Was that really fun you ask!? My lips are sealed. Anyway I’m putting together a little video of it’s first print, that’s not ready, yet ,of course. Anyway here are few pictures of my 3D printer adventure, battle, war, and surrender!

printer part arrive
Printer part arrives!

And…. then…… several hours later.


Then I make the very first print. This happened about a week after the build (or puzzle, or crime scene) started.  I had to wait on the Azteeg X3 3D printer controller, the last piece, to show up. I think it passed through Hawaii on it’s way here.

Now the very first filament run throw the bot.

the wery first with my newly built ord bot
The very first with my newly built ORD Bot.
shot two of first print
Shot two of first print.
photo three of first print
Photo three of first print

A shot of my temporary filament holder that I’m still using by the way.

temporary filament spool
Temporary filament spool holder.

The finished test block that almost right on dimensionally. that I stall can’t believe my first print came out so well!

finished first print test block
Finished first print Test Block.
first print from another angle
First print from another angle.
yet another angle of first print.
Yet another angle of first print.

That’s it for tonight, then maybe a few more print photos and then that video of the first run to come.