Life must sit behind the sun and laugh like crazy

Wait! Maybe that is where earthquakes come from? Maybe hurricanes are the tears from a “belly” laugh so explosive the sun’s tear ducts must let loose? OK, revisiting 5th grade is over…

I am painting, again.

lion all most finished
Lion all most finished.

I dabble. My mother and two of my moms always thought I would be some fabulous artist that would become famous world wide. I just wanted to play hockey or baseball AND mush dogs. “In my day” females did NOT do things like that… females dabbled in those things, but….. during WWII women became THE BASEBALL SPORTS EVENT. When the war was over, the men came home, and the ladies were placed back into their former rolls of being second. I am NOT angry over that, not really, as we did not know any different. My generation did start the “equality” movement… and a few stones were thrown, and still we are in second place… however, instead of there being three bases to cover, there are only two to “home.”

 I remember feeling FRRREEEEEE because I did not have to sleep in rollers EVERY night. And then the automatic coffee maker was born! I was ecstatic. With two in diapers and one in the hanger, coffee boiling over was a daily event. I was 27 when I was given my first microwave oven… my friends had gotten together and got one for me because I had fallen and broken many vertebra and was also nursing a skull fracture. The year was approximately 1979… I used it to defrost veggies and cook hot dogs. It was 1988 before I started using it to defrost frozen butter (it exploded several times before I got it right). To this day I just cannot actually COOK anything of any substance in the thing. But… I do warm my coffee and still melt butter in it.

 I’m sure the word is out that Larry built a 3-D printer. He is “printing” the dogs I am allowed to have.

3d puppy
3D Puppy

I will say, they are quiet, don’t shed, and feeding them isn’t an issue. The only thing that bothers me is the dang dog’s tongue sticks out, 24/7, and I keep thinking I should take its temperature? It took a while, but I figured it was some long lost “mom job” I have not had to do for 40 years! It was stuck in my brain, just waiting for a queue to well up and get my attention. Pampers don’t bother me as my diapers were cloth; had to be washed, folded (just so) and stacked to the ceiling (no! I am not exaggerating).

Christmas, this year, is going to be interesting. I will expose that holiday after it is over and if I actually live through it…. those of you who know me are laughing, this I know. I ALWAYS enjoy the unexpected as I get to look back and realize the surprises kept me enjoying these “golden” years.